Meng Gyeom

Meng Gyeom

Profession Escort of Jang Rok Ha
Gender Male
Debut Chapter 25
Hair Blond
Eyes Emerald

Meng Gyeom is the escort of Jang Rok Ha and also acts as his assistant.


In Yu Hyang Ru, Meng Gyeom acts as Jang Rok Ha's master while they deliver the weapons from Seo Seo to the rebel army represented by Yi Jeok and Nabi. Rok Ha is served tea by Nabi first rather than his master Meng Gyeom. It is later revealed that Meng Gyeom is the servant and Rok Ha is his master.[1]

At the height of the plague at Moon's End Village, Meng Gyeom accompanies Rok Ha who acted as the Crimson Moon. He met his master in the woods and commented that Rok Ha's acting was a bit "dramatic", while his master tells him that they should leave in order to avoid getting infected by the plague.[2]


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