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Yoo Dan Ah is the only daughter of Yoo Ja Gyeom, the Prime Minister of Ga Guk. She is then typically dressed in bright-colored hanbok.


Image Description
DOutfit 0.1 Chapter 0.1
DOutfit 1 Chapter 1
DOutfit 3 Chapter 3
DOutfit 6 Chapter 6
DOutfit 10 Chapter 10
DOutfit 16 Chapter 16
DOutfit 19 Chapter 19
DOutfit 22 Chapter 22
DOutfit 30 Chapter 30
DOutfit 32 Chapter 32
DOutfit 33 Chapter 33
DOutfit 41 Chapter 41


Image Description
200px Yellow Baetssi Daenggi
200px Yellow Daenggi


Image Description
DFootwear 3 ???
DFootwear 6 ???

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